Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf Caricature 
poelles is explained as " the carting of an infamous perfon, graced with 
the harmonie of tinging kettles and frying-pan muficke."" The word is 
now generally ufed in the fenfe of a great tumult of difcordant mulic, 
produced often by a number of perfons playing different tunes on 
different inltruments at the fame time. 
As I have {tated above, the manufcript of the romance of " Fauvel " 
is in the Imperial Library in Paris. A copy of this illumination is 
engraved in Jaime's "Mufee de la Caricature," from which our cuts 
Nos. 52 and 53 are taken. It is divided into three compartments, one 
above another, in the uppermoft of which Fauvel is feen entering the 
nuptial chamber to his young Wife, who is already in bed. The fcene in 
the compartment below, which is copied in our cut No. 52, reprefents 
the ilreet outtide, and the mock revellers performing the clzarivari; 
and this is continued in the third, or loweft, compartment, which 
is reprefented in our cut No. 53. Down each {ide of the original 
illumination is a frame-work of windows, from which people, who 
have been diiturbed by the noife, are looking out upon the tumult. 
It will be feen that all the performers wear mafks, and that they are 
dreffed in burlefque coftume. In confirmation of the itatement of the 
ecclefiallical fynods as to the licentioufnefs of thefe exhibitions, we 
fee one of the performers here difguifed as a woman, who lifts up his 
drefs to expofe his perfon while dancing. The muiical intiruments 
are no lefs grotefque than the coftumes, for they confllt chiefly of kitchen 
utenlils, fuch as frying-pans, mortars, faucepans, and the like. 
There was another feries of fubjects in which animals were introduced 
as the infiruments of fatire. This fatire confilled in reverfmg the polition 
of man with regard to the animals over which he had been accultomed 
to tyrannife, fo that he was fubjected to the fame treatment from the 
animals which, in his actual pofition, he ufes towards them. This change 
of relative poiition was called in old French and Anglo-Norman, le 
monde Z-g[i0rne', which was equivalent to the Englifh phrafe, " the world 
turned upfide down." It forms the fubjedt of rather old verfes, I believe, 
? 0tgrave's Dictionarie, v. Cllariwrir.


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