Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
Clzarivarium, on account of the many and grave evils arifing out of 
them."'X' It will be obferved that thefe early allufions to the charivari 
are found almoft folely in documents coming from the Roman towns in 
the fouth of France, {'0 that this praotice was probably one of the many 
popular cuftorns derived direetly from the Romans. When Cotgrave's 
"Diftionary " was publifhed (that is, in 163 2) the praetice of the charivari 
appears to have become more general in its exiflence, as well as its 
application; for he defcribes it as "a public defamation, or traducing of; 
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um Qfille Cgariqla -LL  
a foule noife made, blacke fantus rung, to the fhame and difgrace of 
another; hence an infamous (or infaming) ballad fung, by an armed 
troupe, under the window of an old dotard, married the day before unto 
H yong wanton, in mockerie of them both." And, again, a clzarivaris de 
 " Insultationes, clamores, sonos, er alios tumultus, in secundis et tertiis quo- 
rundam nuptiis, quos charivarium vulgo appellant, propter multa et gravia incom- 
moda, rohibemus sub oena exc0mmunicationis."- Ducan e v. Clzariwdrium. 
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