Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Hwary of Caricature 
next divifion (cut N0. 50), the {tag 
the afs reads the Gofpel from a 
its head. 
is reprefented celebrating mafs, and 
book which the cat fupports with 
This curious fculpture is faid to 
have been of the 
thirteenth century. 
In the Iixteenth century it attracted the attention of the reformers, who 
looked upon it as an ancient protelt againlt the corruptions of the mafs, 
and one of the more dittinguithed of them, John Fifchart, had it copied 
and engraved on Wood, and publifhed it about the year 1580, with fome 
verfes of his own, in which it was interpreted as a fatire upon the papacy. 
This publication gave fuch dire offence to the ecclefiaftical authorities of 
Strafburg, that the Lutheran bookfeller who had ventured to publilh it, 
was compelled to make a public apology in the church, and the wood- 
engraving and all the imprefhons were feized and burnt by the common 
hangman. A few years later, however, in 1608, another engraving was 
made, and publiihed in a large folio with Fifchart's verfes; and it is from 
the diminilhed copy of this fecond edition--given in Fli5gel's "Gefchichte 
des Komifches Literatur"-that our cuts are taken. The original 
fculpture was {till more unfortunate. Its publication and explanation by 
F ifchart was the caufe of no little fcandal among the Catholics, who tried 
to retort upon their opponents by afferting that the figures in this funeral 
celebration were intended to reprefent the ignorance of the Proteitant 
preachers ; and the fculpture in the church continued to be regarded 
by the ecclefiaitical authorities with diifatisfaetion until the year 1685, 


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