Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Lzherature and Art. 
Augufiinians) there are none but bealts_li0ns by their pride, foxes by 
their craftinefs, bears by their voracity, Itinking goats by their incontinence, 
aifes by their iluggifhnefs, hedgehogs by their afperity, hares by their 
timidity, becaufe they were cowardly where there was no fear, and oxen 
by their laborious cultivation of their land." it 
A fcene clofely refernbling that here defcribed by Odo, differing only 
in the diltribution of the charaeters, was tranflated from fome fuch 
Written {tory into the piotorial language of the ancient fculpturecl ornamen- 
tation of Straiburg Cathedral, where it formed, apparently, two {ides of 
.the capital or entablature of a column near the chancel. The deceafed in 
this piiture appears to be a fox, which was probably the animal intended 
to be reprefented in the original, although, in the copy of it preferved, it 
looks more like a fquirrel. The bier is carried by the goat and the boar, 
while a little dog underneath is taking liberties with the tail of the latter. 
Immediately before the -bier, the hare carries the lighted taper, preceded 
by the wolf, who carries the crofs, and the bear, who holds in one hand 
the holy-Water veifel and in the other the afperfoir. This forms the 
Hril; divifion of the fubjeet, and is reprefented in our cut No. 49. In the 
 The Latin text of this and some others of the fables of Odo de Ciringtun 
will be found in my " Selection of Latin Stories," pp. 50-52, 55-58, and 80. 


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