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A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art
Wright, Thomas Fairholt, Frederick William
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Thus, as the comic literature of the middle ages to 
a very great extent, and comic art in a confiderable 
degree alfo, were founded upon, or rather arofe out oi 
thofe of the Romans which had preceded them, it 
feemed def1rable to give a comprehenlive hifcory of 
this branch of literature and art as it was cultivated 
among the peoples of antiquity. Literature and art in 
the middle ages prefented a certain unity of general 
character, ariling, probably, from the uniformity of the 
influence of the Roman element of fociety, modified 
only by its lower degree of inteniity at a greater difiance 
from the centre, and by fecondary caufes attendant upon 
it. To underftand the literature of any one country 
in Weftern Europe, efpecially during what We may 
term the feudal period-and the remark applies to art 
equally-it is neceffary to make ourfelves acquainted 
with the whole hiftory of literature in Weftern 
Europe during that time. The peculiarities in dif- 
ferent countries naturally became more marked in the 
progrefs of fociety, and more Prrongly individualifed; 
but it Was not till towards the clofe of the feudal period 
that the literature of each of thefe different countries 
Was becoming more entirely its own. 
the plan I have formed reffriiks itfelf, 
At that period 
according to the 


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