Volltext: Geschichte der Civilisation in England (Bd. 2)

Rabefs) dann wieder liess er sich aus der Ferne hören und 
brüllte wie ein Stier. 79) Manchmal erschien er als ein Weisser 
Mann in schwarzen Kleidernßo) manchmal als ein schwarzer in 
weissen Kleidern. Bei solchen Gelegenheiten konnte man die 
Bemerkung machen, dass seine Stimme was Entsetzliehes hatte, 
dass er barfuss ging und einen gespaltenen Fuss hatteßl) Seine 
Teufeleien waren endlos, denn nach der Ansicht der Gottesgelehrten 
wurde er immer verschlagener, je älter er wurde; und nach einem 
almost lost his senses. Houever, he resolved to goe ou to his duty. By (the time) 
he was at the place, his fear was off him; and lying on a knou-side, a black dogg 
came to his head aud stood. He said he kneu it to be Satan, and shooke his band, 
but found nothing, it evanishing."     "Lord help against his devices, and strenthen 
against them!" Wodrowk Analecta, I, 24. The Registers of tlw Presäytcry of La_ 
nark, p. '77, enthalten eine Erklärung vom Jahr 1650, dass „the devill appeareml like 
a little whelpe," and afterwards, „1ike a brown whelpe." 
73) Der berühmte Peden war zugegen als „there came down the appearance of a 
raven, and sat upon one man's head."     Thereupon, „going homc, Mr Peden said 
to his land-lord, I always thought there was Devilry among you, but I never thought 
that he did appear visibly among you, till now I have seen it. O, for the Lord's 
sake, quit this way." The Life aml Death of Mr. Alexander Peden, late Minister of 
the Gospel at New Glenluoe in Galloway, p. 111, 112, in vol. I. of Wallcer's Biographie 
79) „I- heard a voice just before me on the other side of the hedge, and it see- 
med to be like the groaning of an aged man. It continued so some time. I knew 
no man could be there; for, on the other side of the hedge, where I heard the groa- 
ning, there was a great stank or pool. I nothing doubted but it was Satan, and 1 
guessed his design; but still I went on to beg the chi1d's life. At length he roareml 
and made a noise like a. bull, and that very loud. From all this I concluded, that 
I had been provoking God some way or other in the duty, and that he was angry 
with me, and had let the enemy loose on me, and might give hjm leave to tear me 
in pieces. rThis made me intreat of God, to shew me wherefore he contended, and 
begged he would rebuke Satan. The enemy continued to make a noise like a bull, 
and seemed to be coming about the hedge towards the door of the summer-seat, bello- 
wing as he came along." Stevensonis Rare, Sou-l-Strenytltening, und Oomforiing Oordial 
for Old und Yozmg Christians, p. 29. Dies Buch wurde herausgegeben und zum Druck 
vorbereitet durch den Prediger William Gupples. Siehe Herrn Cupp1es' Brief davor- 
80) In 1684, with „b1ack eloaths, and a blue band, und white handcuffs." Sin- 
olairis Satan's invisible Worlnl discovered, p. 8. 
8') "He observed one of the black man's feet to be cloven, and that the black 
man's apparel was black, and that he had a blue band about his neck, and white 
hand-cufs, and that he had hoggers upon his legs without shoes; and that the black 
man's voiße was hollow and ghastly." Satan's invisible World discovered, p. 9. "The 
devil appeared in the shape of a black man." p. 31. Siehe auch Bramdäv Desoription 
Qf Orlmey, p. 126: „a11 in blank." 


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