Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

necessary to his improvement as to exercise his 
pencil on different subjects. And, beyond all, he 
was profoundly sensible, by this time, that he 
could not hope toe attain eminence in' his profes- 
sion, without inspecting the great master-pieces 
of art in Europe, and comparing them with his 
own works in order to ascertain the extent of his 
powers. This philosophical view of his situation 
was doubtless partly owing to the excellent pre- 
cepts of Provost Smith, but mainly to his own 
just perception of what was necessary to the suc- 
cessful career of an Artist: indeed the principle 
upon which the notion was formed is universal, 
and applies to all intellectual pursuits. Accord- 
ingly, impressed with these considerations, he 
frugally treasured the earnings of his pencil, that 
he might undertake, in the first place, a profes- 
isional journey from Philadelphia, as preparatory 
to acquiring the means of afterwards visiting 
Europe, and particularly Rome. When he found 
that the state of his funds enabled him to under- 
take the journey, he went to New York. 
II. The Society of New York was much less 
intelligent in matters of taste and knowledge than


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