Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

I. Motives which induced him to visit New York. II. State of 
Society in New York. III. Reflections on the sterility Qf 
American talent. IV. Considerations on the circumstances. 
which tend to produce Poetical feelings. V. The causes 
which produced the peculiarities in the state of Society in New 
York. VI. The Accident which led the Artist to discover the  
method of colouring Candle-light and Fire efects after Nature. 
VII. He copies Strangeis engraving of Belisarius, by Salvator- 
Rosa. VIII. The occurrence which hastened his Voyage to 
Italy, with the Anecdote of his obligations to Mr.'Kelly.V 
IX. Reflections on Plutarch, occasioned by reference to the 
efect which his works had on the mind of West. X. The 
Artist embarks ; occurrence at Gibraltar. XI. He arrives at 
Leghorn. XII. Journey to Rome. 
I. BUT although West found himself in pos- 
Session of abundant employment in Philadelphia, 
he was sensible that he could not expect to in- 
Crease his prices with effect, if he continued con- 
Stantly in the same place. He also became sen- 
sible that to view life in various lights was as


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