Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

freshness and vigour of original formation. He 
made his canvas about the size of a half length 
portrait, on which he introduced not fewer than 
forty figures. In the execution he followed the 
Pule which he had adopted in painting the Death 
Of Socrates, and drew the principal figures from 
living models.-It is not known what has become 
OF the Trial of Susannah. In the rebellion of the 
Colonies, Mr. Cox adhered to the British inte- 
rest; and his daughter, the last person into Whose 
POSsessi0n the picture has been traced, having 
married a British OfFlC6l', came to England dur- 
ing the war, and the Artist has not heard where 
She has since resided. 
XIII. In point of composition, Mr. West is of 
Opinion that the Trial of Susannah was superior 
t0 the Death of Socrates. In this he is probably 
correct; for during the interval between the exe- 
cution of the one and the other, his mind had 
been enlarged in knowledge by reading, his eye 
improved by the study of pictorial outline and 
Perspective in the Camera, and his touch softened 
by the portraits which he painted, and particu- 
larly by his careful copy of the St. Ignatius. In


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