Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

mind. This judicious reflection of Dr. Smith 
was however anticipated by Sir Joshua Reynolds, 
who had already made the discovery, and was 
carrying it into effect with admirable success. 
The Provost, however, was unacquaintedtwith 
that circumstance, and induced West to make an 
experiment by drawing his portrait in the style 
and attitude of the St. Ignatius. 
XI]. While he was thus employed on por- 
traits, a gentleman of the name of Cox called on 
him to agree for a likeness of his daughter; and 
the picture of Dr. Smith attracted his attention. 
It indeed appeared to him to evince such a capa- 
city for historical composition, that, instead of 
then determining any thing respecting his daugh- 
ter's portrait, he gave an order for an historical 
picture, allowing the Artist himself to choose the 
subject. This task had peculiar charms; for the 
Painter in the course of reading the Bible to 
his mother some time before, had been led to 
think that the Trial of Susannah was a -fine 
subject, and he was thus enabled, by the libe- 
rality of Mr. Cox, to embody the conceptions 
of his imagination while they were yet in all the


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