Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

I. Rejieciions on the Eccentricities of Young Men of Genius with 
respect to pecuniary matters. I1. The Death of the Artist's 
Mother. III. The Embodying qf the Pennsylvanian Militia; 
an Anecdote of General Wayne. IV. The Artist elected Com- 
mandant of a corps of Volunteer boys. V. The circumstances 
which occasioned the Search for the Bones of B1-adock's army. 
V1. The Search. VI]. The Discovery of the Bones of the 
Father and Brother of Sir Peter Halket. 
The Artist 
proposed afterwards to paint a Picture of the Discovery of the 
Bones of the Halkets. IX. He commences regularly as a 
Painter. X. He copies a St. Ignatius. XI. He is induced 
to attempt Historical Portraiture. XII. His Picture of the 
Trial qf Susannah; X11]. Of the merits of that Picture. 
about minds of superior endowment, which, in 
similar characters, manifests itself differently 
according to the circumstances in which they 
happen to be placed. Devoted to the contem- 
plation of the means of future celebrity, the 
man of genius frequently finds himself little dis- 
posed to set a proper value on the common


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