Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

The'Members of the Royal Academy, and all the 
mourners, then returned to Somerset-House, in the like 
order of procession (with the exception of the hearse 
and feathers,) where refreshments were provided for 
The whole of this affecting ceremony was conducted 
with great solemnity and respect, and was witnessed by 
an immense concourse of people. 
The carriages attending in the Procession were those 
of the Lord Mayor, the Archbishop of York, the Dukes 
of Norfolk, Northumberland, and Argyll; the Marquisses 
of Lansdowne and Stalford; the Earls of Liverpool, 
Essex, Aberdeen, Carlisle, Dartmouth, Powis, Mul- 
grave, Darnley, and Carysfort; Viscount Sidmouth; 
the Bishops of London, Salisbury, Carlisle, and Chester; 
Admiral Lord Radstock; the Right Honourables Sir 
William Scott, Charles Manners Sutton, and Charles 
Long; the American Ambassador; the Hon. General 
Phipps, Augustus Phipps; Sirs George Beaumont, 
J. Fleming Leicester, Thomas Baring, and Henry 
Fletcher; the Solicitor General, Sir Robert Wilson, 
Dr. Heslop, Dr. Baillie, Aldermen Birch and Wood, 
Mr. Chamberlain Clarke, Hemy Bankes, Esq. M. P., 
Richard Hart Davies, Esq. M. P., George Watson 
Taylor, Esq. M. P., Jesse Watts Russell, Esq. M. P., 
Henry Farmtleroy, Esq., Archibald Hamilton, Esq., 
Thomas Coutts, Esq., John Penn, Esq., Thomas Hope, 
Esq., Samuel Boddington, Esq., Walter Fawkes, Esq., 
George Hibbert, Esq., John Yenn, Esq., John Soane, 
Esq., Francis Chantry, Esq., Henry Sanson, Esq., 
John Nash, Esq., John Ed;r;ards, Esq., George Sheddon, 


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