Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

allowed to be sung; and the Hon. and Rev. Dr. Wel- 
lesley, assisted by the Rev. the Prebendary, performed 
the solemn service in a very impressive manner. The 
body was placed in the choir, and at the head were 
arranged, on chairs, the chief mourners and executors. 
The pall-bearers were seated on each side of the corpse, 
and the Members of the Royal Academy, and other 
mourners, were arranged on each side of the choir. After 
the Anthem, the body was attended to the vault-door by 
the pall-bearers, followed by the chief mourners and exe- 
cutors, and was conveyed into the crypt, and placed 
immediately beneath the perforated brass plate, under 
the centre of the dome. Dr. Wehesley, with the other 
canons, and the whole choir, then came under the dome, 
and the pall-bearers, chief mourners, and executors, 
stood by them. The Members of the Royal Academy 
were ranged on the right, and the other mourners on the 
left, forming a circle, the outside of which was protected 
by the Marshals and undertaker's attendants. Here the 
remainder of the service was completed, and the sexton, 
placed in the crypt below, at the proper period, let fall 
some earth, as usual, on the coiiin. After the funeral- 
service was ended, the chief mourners and executors, 
accompanied by most of the other mourners, went into 
the crypt, and attended the corpse to its grave, which 
was sunk with brick-work under the pavement at the 
head of the grave of the late Sir Joshua Reynolds, and 
adjoining to that of the late Mr. West's intimate and 
highly-valued friend, Dr. Newton, formerly Bishop of 
Bristol, and Dean of St. Paul's, the brick-work of whose 
grave forms one side of Mr. West's; th-us uniting their 
remains in the silent tomb. Sir Christopher Wren, the 
great architect, lies interred close by, as well as those 
eminent artists, the late Mr. Opie and Mr. Barry.


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