Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

assistants, to arrange the Procession, it entered at the 
greatWVestern Gate, and was met at the entrance of 
the Cathedral by the Church Dignitaries, Sac. the whole 
then proceeded to the Choir in the following order: 
The two junior Vergers. 
The Marshals. 
The young Gentlemen of the Choir, two by two. 
Their Almoner, or Master. 
The Vicars Choral, two by two. 
The Sub-Dean and Junior Canons, two by two. 
The Feathers, with Attendant Pages and Mutes. 
 The two Senior Vergers. 
Honourable and Rev. Dr. WVellesley. 
The Canon residentiary, and the Rev. the Prebendary. 
Pall-bearers. Pall-bearers. 
The Earl of Aberdeen, E Right Honourable Sir 
His Excellency the Ame-  William Scott,_ 
rican AmbaSSEtd01', g Honourable Gen. Phipps, 
Hon. Augustus Phipps, 2 Sir George Beaumont, 
Sir Thomas Baring. ' Sir Robert Wilson. 
CHIEF Mounmms.  
The Sons and Grandson of deceased, namely, 
Raphael Lamar West, Esq, 
7: Benjamin West, Esq.s4  JDM W245 
Mr. Benjamin West, jun. 
followed by 
Robert Brunning (the old Servant of deceased) 
Henry Fauntleroy, Esq. and James Henry Henderson, Esq. 
(the Family Trustees and Executors of deceased.) 
The Rev. Dr. Heslop, Vicar of St. Mary-la.-Bonne; the Rev, 
Mr. Borrodaile, Chaplain to the Lord Mayor; and Joseph 
Hayes, Esq. Medical Attendant on deceased (Dr. Baillie 
being unavoidably absent).


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