Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

Hearse and Six, 
With rich trappings, feathers, and velvets, attended by Eight 
Two Mourning Coaches and four, 
With attendant Pages, conveying the Pall-bearers. 
Mourning Coach and Four, 
With attendant Pages, conveying the Sons and Grandson of 
the deceased, as 
Mourning Coach and Four, 
With attendant Pages, conveying the Family Trustees and 
Executors of the deceased. 
Mourning Coach and Four, 
With attendant Pages, conveying the Reverends the Vicar of 
Mary-la-bonne, the Chaplain to the Lord Mayor, and 
 the Medical Attendant of the deceased. 
Then followed Sixteen Mourning Coaches and Pairs, 
With Attendant Pages, conveying the Right Rev. the Chaplain, 
the Secretary for Foreign Correspondence, and the 
Members of the Royal Academy and Students, 
Twenty Mourning Coaches and Pairs, 
Witli attendant Pages, conveying the Mourners and Private 
Friends of the deceased. 
The Procession was closed by above sixty carriaggs, 
arranged in rank by the junior City Marshal and 
Marslxalmen  the servants wearing hat-bands and 
The Procession was attended on each side by fifty 
Constables, to preserve order; and the accesses from 
Bridge-street, Chancery-lane, the Old Bailey, Sac. were 
stopped. On reaching St. Paul's Cathedral, where the 
senior City Marshal was in waiting, with several


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