Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

brated artist and amiable man, who have, during his 
long life, honoured him with their friendsliip, and who 
have been particularly desirous of paying their last 
tribute of respect to his remains, have been precluded 
attending the funeral. The corpse was privately brought 
to the Royal Academy on Tuesday evening, attended 
by the sons and grandson of the deceased, and two 
intimate friends, Mr. Henderson (one of the trustees 
and executors of the deceased) and Mr. Hayes (fol- 
many years his medical attendant), and was received by 
the council and oflicers of the Royal Academy, and 
their undertaker and his attendants, with every mark of 
respect. The body was then deposited in the smaller 
Exhibition-rooin, on the ground-floor, which was hung 
on the occasion with black. 
About half-past ten yesterday morning, the Acade-N 
micians, Associates, and Students, assembled in the 
Great Exhibition-room, and the nobility, gentry, and 
the dece:Lsed's private friends, soon after arrived, and 
joined the mournful band. The chief mourners were 
in seclusion in the library of the Academy. About 
half-past twelve o'clock, the whole of the arrangements 
having been effected, the Procession moved from Somer- 
set-House to St. Paul's Cathedral in the following order: 
Six Constables, by threes. 
Four Marshalmen, two and two. 
City Marshal on horseback. 
Undertaker on horseback.  
Six'C1oakmen on horseback, by twos. 
Four Mutes on horseback, by twos. 
Lid of Feathers, witlrattendailt Pages.


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