Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

IT would bei improper to close this appendix without 
giving some account of the funeral of Mr. VVest. 
Soon after Mr. VVest's decease, a deputation 5-om 
the Council of the Royal Academy waited on his sons 
and the executors, to apprise them of the intention of 
that body to honour the remains of their late President, 
by attending them to his grave, according to the cere- 
monial adopted on the public interment of the late Sir 
Joshua Reynolds, in St. Paul's Cathedral. His Majesty 
having, as Patron of the Royal Academy, given "his 
gracious sanction that similar honours should be paid to 
the late venerable President, his sons and executors- 
adopted active preparations to carry the arrangement 
into effect, As the schools of the Royal Academy were 
closed, and all its functions suspended, by the death of 
the late President, it was of material importance on this  
account, and with the view to the usual preparatory 
arrangements for the annual exhibition, that the Funeral 
should not be delayed ; and as early a day as practicable 
was therefore fixed for the public interment in St- Paul's 
Cathedral. The obvious consequence, however, of this 
has been, that owing to the absence from town, at this 
particular season, of so many noblemen and gentlemen 
of the highest rank, and the indisposition of several 
others, many warm admirers and friends of this cele-


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