Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

feet in height, including the pedestal on which it Stands. 
In the centre, over the front face of the great case, to be 
the equestrian group of the Duke of Wellington, under 
which, in large letters, WATERLO0 to be inscribed; and 
the four angles of the great base perpendicular tablets, 
ornamented with military insignia expressive of the 
British armies, and inscribed on the four tablets the 
number of each regiment who shared in the glories of 
that day, and by the four tablets be placed the statues of 
distinguished generals. Thus I have presented you 
with the external appearance of my imaginary building 
in honour of the victory of Waterloo; and the interior 
of this building to be considered as the place of deposit 
for preserving the powers of the pen, the pencil, and 
other gems from perishing by water or by lire: to be 
built of stone, and all its ornaments to be made ofdtu-able 
metals: all of which to be illustrative of the victory for 
which such a building was erected. 
" The situation of this building should be a populous 
one, and that within a circus or square of a. diameter not 
less than six hundred and fifty-eight feet. This size of 
space will give the spectator an opportunity of viewing the 
erection at double the distance of its elevation, which is 
the optical distance that pictures, statues, and buildings 
should, always be seen at. 
'4 Should my ideas of a building to commemorate the 
military achievements of Waterloo be viewed with 
complacency by yourself and others, I shall feel a 
satisfaction, as President of the Royal Academy, to have 
done my duty; and should His Royal Highness the


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