Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

" All records to be transmitted, must be by the three 
means which have been established for that purpose; 
namely, the pen, the pencil, and the chisel. I therefore 
propose a building wherein these three may be employed 
to express the various incidents, and to mark that victory 
distinct from all others, by applying the several spoils 
and trophies taken; and to have the building of con- 
siderable magnitude. For as the subject is great, so 
should be its representative: nothing Little or mean 
should be accepted, or permitted to appear in such 3 
work, nothing but what will mark the great features of 
that event: all of which by dates, names, and sculptured 
trophies, as well as paintings, may be proclaimed and 
recorded to distant times. 
" The basis of such an erection being intended solely to 
commemorate the battle of Waterloo, its name should 
be in capital letters on the four faces, and the trophies 
of that victory should enrich the sides of the same; and 
the characters of the various military in British armies 
made conspicuous by their numbers shown ; and on the 
summit of the lofty pile the s0vereign's figure then in 
power should be placed. 
" The plan and dimensions of the building I present 
to you are as follows:  Its base a square of sixty feet, 
and its height thirty: this will make each of the four 
faces of the base a double square on its measurement, 
From the centre of this base a building to be erected in 
diameter thirty feet, and in height one hundred and 
twenty, formed out of the spoils of victory, and diminish- 
ing as it rises, and to be surmounted by a iigure twelve


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