Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

design for a monument to perpetuate an occurrence of 
such high military glory and national greatness as that 
of the victory of Waterloo, demands my warmest 
acknowledgments, and I also feel a duty and profound 
respect for the sources of your instructions to procure 
appropriate designs from the artists. VVhen a monument 
is to be raised by a great and victorious nation (such as 
England) in memory of her departed as well as her 
living heroes, I feel it of the highest importance to her 
national character, when her arts and her arms stand so 
high, that they should bear a proud record to posterity 
of both their powers in such a building as that now under 
" To raise a record to departed virtue in an individual, 
an obelisk, a column,'or a statue, may bear an honourable 
name to posterity; but a record when thousands have 
devoted their lives to save their country from a rapacious 
enemy, as in those victories gained by the Greeks at 
Thermopylae and Marathon; the English at Blenheim 
and Trafalgar; and, lastly, that greatest of all, gained by 
the unsubdued valour and heroism of the armies of the 
United Kingdom at Waterloo, demands a building of 
greater magnitude and more national consequence than 
that of a column.  
" Such a design as I have conceived to record that 
victory I will give to yourself and others for your con- 
sideration; but not as a competitor presenting a drawing 
or model for a decision to be made on it as offered for 
competition: I therefore give you the following ideas on 
friendly motives for a dignified building.


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