Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

The sketch, in oil, of the Raising of Lazarus. 
The small whole-length of Thomas 5 Becket, 
on canvass. 
The small picture of the Death of the Stag. 
The drawing of ditto. 
Do. of Nathan and David. ' 
Do. of Joseph making himself known to his Brethren. 
The drawing of Narcissus in the Fountain. 
D0. sketch,:in small, of the Duannic received by Lord 
Clive. "V 
Do. of the Continence of Scipio. 
Do. of the Last Judgment, and the Sea. giving up its 
Do. of the Bard. From Gray. 
Do. of Belisarius and his Family. 
The sketch, in oil, of Aaron standing between the 
Dead and Living to stop the Plague. 
Do. on paper, of the Messenger annoimcing to 
Samuel the Loss of the Battle.  
The drawing of Sir Philip Sydney ordering" the 
Water to be given to thewounded Soldier. 
The sketch of Christ Rejected.  
The great picture of Christ Rejected; 
Do. of Death on the Pale Horse. 
The second picture of Christ healing the Sick. 
The third great picture of Lord Clive receiving the 
Portrait of the Duke of Portland. 
Portrait of Himself; left unfinished; 
N. B. Besides these prodlictions, Mr. West has, in his 
portfolios, drawings and sketches exceeding two hun- 
dred in number.


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