Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

The picture of Christ's Resurrection. 
The sketch of the Destruction of 
1 spmish 
The picture of Arethusa bathing. 
The sketch of Priam soliciting of Achilles the Body 
of Hector.  
The picture of Moonlight. (Small.) 
The small sketch of Cupid showing Venus his Finger 
stung by a Bee. 
The drawings of the Two Sides of the intended 
Chapel at Windsor, with the Arrangement of the Pic- 
tures, 8:0. 
The drawing of St. Matthew, with the Angel. 
Do. of Alcibiades and Timon of Athens. 
Do. of Penn's Treaty.   
D0. of Regulus. 
Do. of Mark Antony, showing the Robe and Will of 
D0. of the Birth of Jacob and Esau. 
Do. of the Death of Dido. 
The large sketch, in oil, (on paper,) of Moses receiv- 
ing the Laws on Mount Sinai. 
The large drawing of the Death of Hippolytus. 
The large sketch, in oil, of the Death of St. Stephen. 
On paper. 
The drawing of the Death of Cesar. 
Do. of the Swearing of Hannibal. 
Do. of the Expulsion of Adam and Eve. 
D0. of the Deluge. 
The sketch, in oil, of the Landing of Agrippina. On 
D0. of Leonidas ordering Cleombrotus into Banish- 
ment. On paper.


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