Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

The picture of St. Anthony of Padua and the Child, 
Do. of Jacob, and Laban with his Two Daughters. 
Do. of the Women looking into the Sepulchre, and 
beholding Two Angels where the Lord lay. 
Do. of the Angel loosening the Chains of St. Peter 
in Prison.  
Do. of the Death of _S_ir Philip Sydney. 
Do. of the Death of Epaminondas.    
Do. of the Death of Bayard.  
The small sketch of Christ's Ascension.' 
The sketch of a Group of Legendary Saints, In 
imitation of Reubens. 
The picture of Kosciusco on a Couch, as he appeared 
in London, 1797.  
D0. of the Death of Cepha1us._ 
Do. of Abraham and Isaac:-" Here is the Wood 
and Fire, but where is the Lamb for Sacrifice." 
The sketch of the Bard". From Gray. 
Do. of the Pardoning of John by his brother King 
Henry, at the Solicitation of his Mother. 
Do. of St. George and the Dragon. 
The picture of Eponina. with her  Children, giving 
Bread to her Husband when in Conceahnent. 
The sketch on paper 0f'.Christ's Last Supper.  
The picture of the Pardoning of John, at his Mother's 
Do. of the Death of Lord Chatham.  
Do. of the Presentation of the Crown to William the 
Do. of Europa crowning"thdB1'11l with Fl0wers._ 
D0. of Mr. West'5 Garden, Gallery, and Painti'ng.. 
Do. of the Cave of Despair. 
Q 4 
From Spenser.


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