Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

Picture of the View of Windsor-Castle fiom Snow- 
Hill, in the Great Park. 
Do. of a Mother inviting her little Boy to come to 
her through a small Stream of Water. 
Do. of the naming of Samuel, and the prophesying of 
Do. of the Ascension of our Saviour. 
Do of the Birth of Jacob and Esau. 
Do. of the Brewer's Porter and Hod Carrier. 
Do. of Venus attended by the Graces. 
Do. of Samuel, whenva Boy, presented to Eli. 
D0. of Christ's Last Supper. (In brown colour.) 
Do. of the Reaping of Harvest, with Windsor in the 
 Doi of Adonis and his Dog going to thevChace. 
Do. of Christ among the Doctors in the Temple. 
Do. of Moses shown the Pr_0misedMLand. 
Do. of Joshua crossing the Rivet Jordan with the 
Do. of Christ's Nativity. 
:00. of.Mothers with mm Children, in Water. 
Do. of Cranford Bridge. 
 Do. of the sketch bf Pyrrhus, when a, Child, before 
King Glaucus.  
Do. of the Traveller laying his Piece of Bread on the 
Bridle of the dead Ass. From Sterne.  
Do.vof the Captivity. From ditto.  
D0. of Cupid letting loose TWO Pigeons. 
D0. of Cupid asleep. 
Do. of Children eating Cherries, 1 
Sketch of a Mother and her Child on her Lap. 
The small picture of the Eagle bringing the Cup to 


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