Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

The small picture of the Eagle giving the Vase of 
Wate1' to Psyche. 
Do. of the Death of Adonis, from Anacreon. 
Do. of Moonlight and the " Beckoning Ghost," from 
Pope's Elegy. 
D0. of the Angel sitting on the Stone at the Sepulchre. 
Second picture of the same, but differing in com- 
A small sketch of ditto. 
A sketch of King Lear and his Daughter. 
The second picture of Angelica and Madora, 
Do. of a Damsel and Orlando. 
Sketch of his two Sons, when Children.  
lDo. when Boys. 
Do. when young Men. 
"Portrait of the Rev.  Preston. 
'iPicture"of the Bacchante Boys.  
Do. of the Good Samaritan. 
Picture of the Destruction of the Old Beast and 
False Prophet:- Revelation.  
Do. of Christ healing the Sick, Lame, and Blind, in 
the Temple. 
Do. of Tintern Abbey.  
Do. of Death on the Pale Horse; or, the Opening of 
the Seals.   
Do. of Jason and the Dragon, in imitation of 
Salvator Rosa. 
Do. of Venus and Adonis looking at Cupids bathing. 
Do. of Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh. 
Do. of the Uxbridge Passage-boat on the "Canal. 
Do. of St. Paul and Barnabas rejecting the Jews, and 
mrning to the Gentiles. 


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