Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

The sketch of Edward the Third with his Queen, and 
the Citizens of Calais.  
Mr. West's small copy Rom Vandyke's picture of 
Cardinal Bentivoglio, now in the National Gallery at 
Mr. West's copy from Correggids celebrated picture 
at Parma, viz. the St. Girolemo, now in the National 
The large Landscape from Windsor Forest. 
The picture of Markt Antony showing the Robe and 
Vvill of Julius Caesar to the People.  
Do. of ]Egistus viewing the Body of Clytemnestra. 
The large sketch of the window at VVindsor, of the 
Magi presenting Gifts to the Infant Christ. 
The small sketch of the Battle of Nevil's Cross. 
The second small sketch of the Order of the Garter. 
The small picture of Ophelia before the King and 
Queen, with her brother Laertes. 
Do. of the Recovery of His Majesty in the year 1789. 
Do. from Thomson's Seasons, of Miranda and her 
Two Companions. 
Do. of Edward the Third crowning Ribemont at 
Calais, a sketch. 
The picture of Leonidas taking leave of his Family on 
his going to Thermopylze. 
Do. of a Bacchante, as large as life, half-length. 
First sketch of the Battle of Cressy. 
The picture of Phaeton soliciting Apollo for the 
Chariot of the Sun.  
The second picture of Cicero at the Tomb of Archi- 
The small picture of Belisarius and the Boy, different 
fi-om that in the possession of Sir Francis Baring. 
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