Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

The small picture of the -Return of the Piodigal 
Do. of Ariadne on the Sea-shore. 
Do. of the Death of Adonis. 
Do. of John 
King of France 
Do. of Antiochus and Stratonice. 
 D0. of King Lear andlhis Daughter. 
The picture of Chryses on the Sea-shore. 
 Do. of Nathan and David: - " Thou art the Man '7' 
as large as life. 
Do. of Elijah raising the Widow's Son to Life.  
Do. of the Choice of Hercules.  
Do. of Venus and Europa. I 
Do. of Daniel interpreting the Hand-writing 
Do. of the Ambassador from Tunis, with his Attendant, 
as he appeared in England in 19781. 
The drawing of Marius on the Ruins of Carthage. 
Do. of Cato giving his Daughter in Marriage on his 
Death, both. in the possession of the Archduke Joseph. 
Do. of-Belisarius brought to his Family. 
The large picture of the Stag, or the rescuing of 
Alexander the Third, for Lord Seaforth, 12 feet 
by 1s.  
The picture of Cymon and Iphigenia, and Endymion 
and Diana, at Wentworth Castle, Yorkshire. 
Do. of Cymon and Iphigenia, and Angelica and 
Madora, in the possession of Mr. Mitton, of Shrop- 
shire, painted at Rome.'  r  
Small picture of the Battle of Cressy. 
Small sketch of the Order of the Garter. 
Mr. West's small picture of his 'Fa1'iii1y.


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