Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

The drawing of the Stolen Kiss, ditto. 
Do. of Rinaldo and Armida, ditto. 
Do. of a Mother and Child, ditto. 
The whole-length portrait of Sir Thomas Strange, 
in the Town-hall of HaIifax.J- 
Do. of Sir John Sinclair.  
The picture of Agrippina landing at Brundusium, 
(the first picture,) in the possession of Lord Kinnoul. 
Do. of do. for the Earl of Exeter, at Burleigh, 
second picture. 
Do. of do. (third picture,) in the possession of  
Hatch, Esq., in Essex. 
A small picture of Jupiter and Semele: the large 
picture lost at sea. 
Hector parting with his Wife and Child at the Sun 
The prophet Elisha raising the Shunamite's son. 
The raising of Lazarus. 
Edward III. crossing the River Somme. 
Queen Philippa at the Battle of Nevil's Cross. 
The Angels announcing to the Shepherds tne Birth 
of our Saviour. 
The Magi bringing Presents to om Saviour. 
A view on the River Thames at Hammersmith. 
A do. on the banks of the River Susquehanna, in 
The picture of Tangire Mill, at Eton. 
Do. of Chryseis returned to her father Chyses. 
Venus and Adonis, large as life.  
The sixth picture of the Death of Wolfe. 
The Erst and second picture of the Battle of La Hogue, 
The sketch of Macbeth and the VVitches. 
The small picture of the Return of Tobias. 


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