Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

A small 
picture of 
Do. of Belisarius and the Boy, for Sir Francis Baring. 
Do. of Sir Francis Baring and part of his Family, 
containing six figures as large as life, ditto. 
Do. of Simeon and the Child, as large as life, for 
the Provost of Eton.  
Do. of the late Lord Clive receiving the Duannic from 
the Great Mogul, a second picture, for Madras. 
The second picture of Philippa soliciting of Ed- 
ward III. the pardon of the Burgesses of Calais, in the 
possession  Willet, Esq. 
Do. of Europa on the back of the Bull, at Calcutta. 
Do. of the Death of Hyacinthus, painted for Lord 
Kerry, but now in the National Gallery at Paris. 
The picture of Venus presenting the Girdle to Juno, 
painted for Lord Kerry, and in the National Gallery; 
figures as large as life in both pictures.  
Do. of Rinaldo and Armida, for Caleb Whitford, Esq, 
Do. of Pharaoh's Daughter with the Child Moses, for 
 Park, Esq.: the original painted for General 
Do. bf the Stolen Kiss, painted for ditto, and i1 
possession of ditto. 
Do. of Angelica and Madora, for ditto, ditto.  
Do. of the 'SVoman of Samaria at the Well 
Christ, ditto. 
Do. of Paetus and Arria, in the possession of 
C01. Smith, at the Tower.  
D0. of Rebecca coming to David, for Sir J. Ashley. 
The Drawing respecting Christ's Nativity, for Mr. 
Tomkins, I)0ctors' Commons. 
Do. of Rebecca receiving the Bracelets at the Well, 
for the late Lord Buckinghamshire.


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