Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

The original sketch of Cicero at the Tomb of 
Archimedes, for ditto. 
The picture of Leonidas ordering Cleombrotas into 
Banishment, with his Wife and Children, for 
VV. Smith, Esq. 
Do. of the Marys at therSepu1chre, for General 
Do. of Alexander and his Physician, for ditto. 
Do. of Julius Caesar reading the Life of Alexander. 
Do. of the Return of the Prodigal Son, for Sir James 
Earle. I 
Do. of the Death of Adonis; for  Knight, E5q_ 
Portland Place. 
Do. of the Continence of Scipio, ditto. 
D0. of Venus and Cupid, oval, for Mr. Steers Temple, 
 Do. of Alfred dividing his Loaf, presented to Sta- 
Itioners' Hall by Alderman Boydell. 
Do. of Helen brought to Paris, in the possession of 
a family in Kent. 
A small sketch of the Shunamitels Son restored, Scc, 
Cupid Stung .by a Bee, oval, for  Vesey, ESq_ 
in Ireland. 
Agrippina surrounded by her Children, and reclining 
her Head on the Urn containing the Ashes of Ger. 
manicus, ditto.  
The Death of W0li'e, the fourth picture, for Lord 
A do. of do. the fourth 
the Prince of VValdeck. 
A small do of do. the 
picture, in the possession of 
fifth picture, ditto Moncton 
A small picture 
of Courland. 
for the Duke


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