Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

Peter delivered from Prison. 
The Conversion of St. Paul. 
Paul before Felix. 
1Tw0 whole-lengths of the 
two eldest Sons. 
late Archbishop 
of York's 
A whole-length portrait of the late Lord G1-osvenol-_ 
The picture of Jacob drawing Wate1' at the Well 
for Rachael and her Flock, in the possession of 
Mrs. Evans. 
The picture of the Citizens of London off] 
Crown to William the Conqueror. 
The Queen soliciting the King to pardon 
Moses showing the brazen Serpent. 
John showing the Lamb of God. 
Three of the Children of the late Archbishop of York, 
with the portrait of the Archbishop, half-lengths, in the 
possession of the Rev. Dr. Drummond. 
D0. of Sir Edmund Baker, Nephew and Niece, 
D0. of  Lunis, Esqfs Children, half-lengths. 
A Lady leading three Children along the Path of 
Virtue to the Temple. 
A picture of Madora. 
The picture of the late Lord Clive receiving the 
Duannic from the Great Mogul, for Lord Clive. 
Christ receiving the Sick and Lame in the Temple, 
in the Pennsylvanian Hospital, Philadelphia, 11 feet 
by 18. 
The picture of Pylades and Orestes, for Sir George 


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