Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

A picture of a small Landscape, with a Hunt passing 
in the back-ground. 
 Do. of Abraham and Isaac going to sacrifice. 
Do. of a whole-length figure of Thomas 5. Becket, 
larger than life. 
Do. of the Angel inrthe Sun assembling the Birds of 
the Air, before the destruction of the Old Beast. 
Four halt:-lengths.  
The small picture of the Order of the Garter, differ- 
ing in composition from the great picture at Windsor. 
The picture of the Shunamite's Son raised to Life by 
the Prophet Elisha. 
Do. of Jacob blessing J oseph's Sons. 
Do. of the Death of YVolfe, the third picture.  
Do. of the Battle of La Hogue. 
Do. of the Boyne.  
Do. of the Restoration of Charles II. 
Do. of Cromwell dissolving the Long Parliament. 
A small portrait of General Wolfe, when a Boy. 
,The Picture of the Golden Age. 
The picture of St. Michael chaining the Dragon, in 
Trinity College, Cambridge, 15 by 8. 
 Do. of the Angels announcing the Birth of our 
Saviour, in the Cathedral Church at Rochester, 
10 by 6. 
Do. of the Death of St. Stephen, in the church of 
St. Stephen, Walbrook, 10 by 18. 
Do. of the Raising of Lazarus, in the Cathedral of 
Winchester, 10 by 14. 
Do. of St. Paul shaking the Viper off his Finger, in 
the chapel at Greenwich, 27 by 15. 
The Supper, over the communion-table in the Col- 
legiate Church at Windsor, 8 by 13. 


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