Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

 Christ's Birth, 6 by 10.   
The naming of John; or, the Prophecies of Zacliarias,  
The Kings bringing Presents to Christ, 6 by 12, 
Christ among the Doctors, 6 by 10. 
The Descent of the Holy Ghost on our Saviour at 
the River Jordan, 10 by 14! 
Christ healing the Sick in the Temple, ditto. 
Christ's Last Supper, 6 by 10-.  
Christ's Crucifixion, 16 by 28.  
Christ's Ascension, 12 by 18. 
The Inspiration of St. Peter, 10 by 14. 
Paul and Barnabas rejecting the Jews, and receiving 
the Gentiles, ditto. 
John called to write the Revelation, 6 by 10. 
Saints prostrating themselves before the Throne of 
The opening of the Seven Seals; or, Death on the 
Pale Horse. 
The overthrowing the Old Beast-and False Prophet. 
The Last Judgment. 
The New Jerusalem.    
The picture of St. Michael and his Angels fighting 
and casting out the Red Dragon and his Angels. 
Do. of the Women clothed in the Sun. 
Do. of John called to write the Revelation. 
Do. of the Beast rising out of the Sea. 
Do. of the Mighty Angel, one Foot upon Sea and the 
other on Earth.   
Do. of St. Anthony of Padua. 
Do. of the Madra D010 Roso.  
Do. of Simeon, with the Child in his arms.


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