Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

Peace andvRiches cherishing the Fine Arts, 
Gplaanufacwry giving Support to Industry, in Boys and 
 11- s. 
Marine and inland Navigation enriching Britannia. 
Printing aided by the Fine Arts. 
Astronomy making new discoveries in the Heavens. 
The Four Quarters of the World bringing Treasures 
to the Lap of Britannia. 
Civil and Military Architecture defending and adorn- 
ing Empire.  
The Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise. 
The Deluge. 
Noah sacrificing. 
Abraham and his son Isaac going to sacrifice. 
The Birth of Jacob and Esau. 
The Death 
Twelve Sons. 
of Jacob 
Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh ; their Rods turned. 
into Serpents. 
Pharaoh and his Host lost in the Red Sea, while 
Moses stretches his Rod over them. ' 
Moses receiving the Law on Mount Sinai. 
Moses consecrateth Aaron and his Sons to the Priest- 
Moses showeth the Brazen Serpent to the People to 
be healed. 
Moses shown the Promised Land from the top of 
Mount Pisgah.  
Joshua crossing the River Jordan with the Ark. 
The Twelve Tribes drawing Lots for the Lands of 
their Inheritance, 6 feet by 10. 
The Call of Isaiah and Jeremiah, each 5 by 14:- 
David anointed King, 6 by 10.  


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