Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

From the year 1769 the whole of the above 
pictures to 1779 were painted and paid for 
by His Majesty through the hands of Mr. 
R. Daulton and Mr. G. Mathias. 
At this period His Majesty was graciously 
pleased to sanction my pencil with his commands 
for a great work on Revealed Religion, from its 
commencement to its completion, for pictures to 
embellish his intended New Chapel in Windsor 
Castle. I arranged the several subjects from 
the four Dispensations. His Majesty was 
pleased to approve the arrangement selected, 
as did several of the Bishops in whose hands 
he placed them for their consideration, and 
they highly approved the same. 
His Majesty then honoured me with his 
commands, and did at that time, the better to 
enable me to carry it into effect, order his 
deputy privy-purse, Mr. G. Mathias, to pay me 
one thousand a year by quarterly payments, 
which was regularly paid as commanded; and 
the following are the subjects which I have 
painted from the Four Dispensations, for the 
Chapel, of various dimensions. 
1. The expulsion of Adam and Eve 
from Paradise -   
2. The Deluge    
Carry forward 
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