Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

ing merit in those three branches'of art, which 
constitutes the views of Your Majesty's establish- 
ment for cultivating their growth. The in- 
genious artists have received my professional 
aid, and my galleries and my purse have been 
open to their studies and their distresses. The 
breath of envy, nor the whisper ofdetraction, 
never defiled my lips, nor the want of morality 
my character, and, through life, a strict ad- 
herer to truth; a zealous admirer of Your 
Majesty's virtues and goodness of heart, the 
exalted virtues of Her Majesty the Queen, and 
the high accomplishments of others of Your 
Majesty's illustrious family, have been the theme 
of my delight; and their gracious complacency 
my greatest pleasure and consolation for many 
years, with which I was honoured by many in- 
stances of friendly notice, and their warm at- 
tachment to the fine arts. 
sensibility, with 
" Withthese feelings of high 
which my breast has ever been inspired, I feel 
with great concern the suspension given by 
Mr. ,-Wkya-tt to the work on Revealed Religion,


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