Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

ties, and I commenced the work with zeal and 
enthgsiasm. Animated by your commands, 
gracious Sire, I renewed my professional studies, 
and burnt my midnight lamp to attain and give 
that polish at the close of Your Maj esty' s chapel, 
which has since marked my subsequent scriptural 
pictures. Your Majesty's known zeal for pro- 
moting religion, and the elegant arts, had en- 
rolled your virtues with all the civilized world; 
and your gracious protection of my pencil had 
given to it a celebrity throughout Europe, and 
spread a knowledge of the great work on Re- 
vealed Religion, which my pencil was engaged 
on, under Your Majesty's patronage: it is that 
work which all Christendom looks with ta com- 
placency for its 
" Being distinguished by Your Majesty's be- 
nignity at an early period as a painter, and 
chosen by those professors highly endowed in 
the three branches of the tine arts to fill their 
highest station, and sanctioned by Your Majesty's 
signature in their choice  that station, I have 
been, for 1n0re than ten years, zealous in promot- 
o 2


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