Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

best part of the Artist's life useless, and de- 
prived him of that honourable provision, the 
fruit of his talents and industry, on which he 
had counted for the repose of his declining 
years) For some time it affected him deeply, 
and he was at a loss what steps to take; at last, 
however, in reiiectingl on the marked friendship 
and favour which the King had always shown 
him, he addressed to His Majesty a. letter, of- 
which the following is a copy of the rough 
draft, being the only one preserved: I give it 
verbatim : - 
" The following is the Substance (y" a Letter I had 
the honour qf writing to His Mrgjcsty, when 
at Weymozeth, by the conveyance QfMr. James 
Most Excellent Majesty. 
To the 
" GRAcIoUs SIRE, Newman st. Sept. 26. 1801. 
" On the fifteenth of last month Mr; Wyatt 
signified to 1ne Your Majesty's p1easu're,- 
' That the pictures by me now painting for 
His Majesty's chapel at Windsor, should be 


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