Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

some of the consequences-which naturally " at- 
tachy to all persons in immediate connection 
with the great. After his return from Paris, 
it was alleged, that the honourable reception 
which he allowed himself to receive from 
the French statesmen had offended the King. 
The result of this was the temporary elevation 
of the late Mr. Wyatt to the President's chair, 
merely, as I think, because that gentleman 
was then the royal architect; for it would be 
diflicult to point out the merits which, as an 
artist, entitled him to that honour. But the 
election, so far from giving satisfaction in the 
quarter where it was expected to be the most 
acceptable, only excited displeasure; and Mr. 
West was, in due time, restored to his proper 
seat in 
This, as a public affair, attracted a good deal 
of notice at the time; but it was, in its eH'ects; 
of far less consequence to Mr. West than a 
private occurrence, originating in circumstances 
that tend to throw a light on some of the pro. 
ceedings that were deemed expedient to be 
adopted during the occasional eclipses of" the 
King's understanding.


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