Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

already eas well known as he could ever hope to- 
be from that honour, is not a legitimate object 
of ambition. To myself, then, Your Royal 
Highness must perceive the title could add no 
dignity, and as it would perish with myself, it 
could add none to my family. But were I pos- 
sessed of a. fortune, independent of my profession, 
sufficient to enable my posterity to maintain the 
that with my hereditary 
and the station I occupy among artists, a more 
permanent title than that of knighthood might 
become a desirable object. As it is, however, 
that cannot be, and I have been thus explicit 
with Your Royal Highness that no misconcep- 
tion may exist on the subject." The Duke was 
not only pleased with the answer, but took Mr. 
West cordially by both the hands, and said, 
" You have justified the opinion which the King 
has of you, and His Majesty will be delighted 
with your answer  and when Mr. West next 
saw the King his reception was unusually warm 
and friendly. 
But notwithstanding; 
cumstances, Mr. West 
these enviable cir- 
doomed to share


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