Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

picture of Christ Healing the Sickin the Temple ; 
an event which formed an era in the history of 
the arts in Britain, and contributed in no small 
degree to promote ithe interests of the Insti- 
tution; Perhaps the exhibition of no work of 
art ever attracted so much attention, or was 
attended with so much pecuniary advantage to 
the proprietors;  independent of which, the 
history of the picture is itself interesting. 
 Some years before, a number of gentlemen, of 
the society of Quakers in Philadelphia, set on 
foot a subscription for the purpose of erecting 
an hospital for the sick poor in that city. 
Among others to whom they applied for con- 
tributions in this country, they addressed 
themselves to Mr. West. He informed them, 
however, that his circumstances did not permit 
him to give so liberal a sum as he could wish, but 
that if they would provide a proper place in the 
building, he would paint a. picture for it as his 
subscription, which perhaps would  prove of 
more advantage than all the money he could 
afford to bestow, and with this intention he 
beganthe Christ Healing the Sick. While the


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