Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

 Mr. Fox paid great attention to what he said, 
and observed, in a tone of regret, " I have been 
rocked in the cradle of politics from my in- 
fancy, and never before was so much struck 
with the advantage, even in a political bearing, 
of the fine arts to the prosperity, as well as the 
renown, of a kingdom; and I- do assure you, 
Mr. West, that if ever I have it in my power to 
influence our government to promote the arts, 
the conversation that we have had to-day shall 
not be forgotten." Sir Francis Baring: also 
concurred-in opinion, that it was really become 
an imperious duty, on the part of the British 
nation, to do something for a class of art that, 
undoubtedly, tended to improve the beauty, 
and multiply the variety of manufactures, inde- 
pendent of all monumental considerations. 
When Mr. West had returned home, the 
subject was renewed with Sir Francis Baring; 
ands he endeavoured to set on foot" the form- 
ation of a society, which should have the en- 
couragement of the iine arts for its object, and 
thought that government might be induced 
to give it pecuniary assistance. Sir Thomas 


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