Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

them successively. At these parties, the con- 
versation turned very much on the importance 
of the arts to all nations aspiring to fame and 
eminence; and he very soon perceived, that the 
vast collection of trophies which adorned the 
Louvre, had not been formed so much for 
ostentatious exhibition, as with a view to furnish 
models of study for artists; constituting, in flact, 
but the elementary part of a grand system of 
national decoration designed by Buonaparte, 
and by which he expected to leave such memo- 
rials to posterity as would convince the world 
that his magnificence was worthy of his military 
It happened at this particular period, that the 
galleries of the Louvre were closed to the public 
for some time, but a deputation from the Central 
Administration of the Arts, under whose care the 
collections were particularly placed, waited on 
Mr. West, and informed him, that orderswere 
given to admit him and his friends at all times. 
Denon was at the head of this deputation; and 
in the course of the conversation which then 
took place,  that accomplished enthusiast ex- 


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