Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

" Who can reiiect for a moment on the 1-are 
advantages here held out for -the instruction; of 
y0uthfu'1 genius, and the aid given to the -de-M 
cayed, their widows and helpless" offspring, 
without feeling the grateful emotions of the 
heart rise towards a patriot King, for giving to 
the arts this home within the walls of a stately 
mansion, and towards the members of this 
Academy, who, as his faithful guardians, have so 
ably fulfilled the purposes for which the Insti- 
tution was formed.    
'5 United to what the Academicians have 
do11e,- and are doing, another honourable 
establishment, sanctioned by His Majesty for 
promoting the 'i'ine arts, has been created and 
composed of noblemen and gentlemen whose 
known zeal for the success of refined art is so 
conspicuous and honourable to themselves. 
" Such have been the eiforts to give splen- 
dour to the fine arts in this country, and such 
are the results which have attended these 
exertions; that knowing, as we do, the move- 
ments of the arts on the Continent, I may con- 
fldently say, that our annual exhibitions, both


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