Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

and sat to the artist while he painted. them. 
The Virgin herself seems to have had the same 
complacency. The characters of the Apost1es' 
heads are so exquisitely drawn and painted, as 
to be without competition in the works of any 
other painter. 
" The most esteemed picture by Guercino is 
is that of Santa Petranella, which he painted for 
St. Peter's 
" But, Gentlemen, if you aspire to excellence 
in your profession, you must not rest your 
future studies on the excellence of any indi- 
vidual, however exalted his name or genius; 
but, like the industrious bee, survey the Whole 
face of nature, and sip the sweets from every 
flovver. When thus enriched, lay up your ac- 
quisitions for future use; and with that en- 
richment from Nature's inexhaustible source, 
examine the great works of art to animate your 
feelings, and to excite your emulation. VVhen 
you are thus mentally enriched, and your hand 
practised to obey the powers of your will, you 
will then find your pencils, or your chisels, as


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