Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

pupil, until the school of 
irrecoverable imbecility. 
" The most esteemed Work in painting by 
Augustine Carracci is the Communion of St. 
J erom. It possesses grandeur of style, is bold in 
execution, and the faces are not deficient in the 
appropriate expression of sensibility towards the 
object before them. It was on the composition 
of this picture, that Domenichino formed his on 
the same subject, so much celebrated as to be 
considered next in merit to Raphael's Trans- 
figuration. But Hne as it is admitted to be, we 
must say, as a borrowed idea, it lessens the 
merit of the artist's originality of mind. 
" The finest picture by Guido is in a church 
at Genoa, Where he has brought to a focus all 
the force of his powers in grace and beauty, 
with an expression and execution of pencil 
rarely to be met with in art. The subject is 
the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The 
angels, who surround the Virgin, have some- 
thing in their faces so celestial, that they seem 
as if they had really descended from Heaven, 


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