Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

illuminating the child in the subject of our 
Saviour's nativity. This splendid thought of 
giving light to the infant Christ, whose divine 
mission was to illuminate the human mind from 
Pagan darkness, no painter has since been so 
bold as to omit in any composition on the same 
subject. The two latter pictures have all the 
beauties seen in the paintings of this master, 
but they are deficient in appropriate character. 
" The inspiring power of Correggids works 
illuminated the genius of Pannegiano, the 
energetic movements of whose graceful figures 
have never been equalled, nor are they deficient 
in the moral influence of the art. His Moses 
breaking the tables in a church at Parma, and 
his picture of the vision of St. Gierolimo, now 
in England, are filled with the impress of his 
intellectual powers, and stand pre-eminent over 
all his works. '  
I have thus taken a survey of the Works 
art, which stand supreme among the productions 
of "Grecian and Italian genius, and which are 
the sources 
from which 


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