Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

fatal effects which the goddess Beilone. has ever 
occasioned to the fine arts when she mounts her 
iron chariot of destruction. When this picture 
fell under her rapacious power, on board a 
French vessel passing down the Adriatic sea 
from Venice, one of our cruisers chased the 
vessel into the port of Ancona, and a. cannon- 
shot pierced the pannel on which the picture 
was painted, and shivered a portion of it into 
" On its arrival at Paris, the committee of 
the fine arts found it necessary to remove the 
painting from the pannel, and place it on 
canvass ; but the picture has lost the principal 
" But to sum up Titian's powers of con- 
ception, no one has equalled him in the 
propriety and {itness of colour. His pictures 
of St. Peter Martyr; the David and Goliah; 
and the Last Supper, which is in the Escurial, 
stand in the very highest rank in art. On the 
latter of these pictures being finished, Titian in 
his letter to the King, announcing the circum. 
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