Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

awful grandeur to the effect of the picture on 
entering the chapel, in which it is placed over 
the altar. That awful light of the morning is 
contrasted with the golden effulgence above; in 
the midst of which, our Saviour is seen with 
extended arms, to receive and welcome his 
" From the sepulchre, and the Apostles in 
the centre, to the fore-ground, the third group 
of figures partly lies in shade, occasioned by 
mantle extended by angels. On the other part 
of the group, on the side_ where the light 
enters, the figures are seen in the broad blaze 
of day; and amongst them is the portrait of 
the artist. 
'A' When I first saw this picture, my sensations 
were in unison with its awful character ; and I 
confess that I was touched with the same kind 
of sensibility as when I heard the inexpressibly 
harmonious blendings of vocal sounds -in the 
solemn notes of Non nobis Domine. I never 
felt more forcibly the dignity of music and the


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