Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

they may be in delineation, which have not their 
actions and expressions springing from the 
subject in which they are the actors, can only 
be considered as academical efforts, without the 
impress of mental power, and without any 
philosophical attention to the truth of the 
subject which the artist intended to illustrate. 
" Leonardo da Vinci is the first who had afull 
and right conception of the principle which I 
wish to inculcate, and he has shown it in his 
picture of the Last Supper. But it is necessary 
to distinguish what parts of the picture deserve 
consideration. It is the decision, the appro- 
priate character of the apostles to the subject; 
the significance of expression in their several 
countenances, and the diversity; of action in each 
figure; their actions seemingly in perfect unison 
with their minds, and their figures individually 
in unison with their respective situations; some 
are confused at the words spoken by our 
Saviour: " There is one amongst you who 
shall betray me  others are thrown under 
impressions of a different feeling. In this 
respect the picture has left us without an appeal,


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